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Posts tagged as “Setup Bigrock custom Domain to Blogger”

Do you want to setup Bigrock custom domain to Blogger? Here is a simple 8 step guide which can help you in setting up Bigrock domain to Blogger.

Setting up a custom domain name is very important if you are serious about blogging. A custom domain name is short, easily memorable & SEO optimized. Thus, having a custom domain can boost your Blogging productivity to many times. Here are the 8 steps which we have taken to setup Bigrock custom domain in blogger:

  1. Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Basics
  2. Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog
  3. Note the DNS Settings (CNAME Records)
  4. Visit Bigrock cPanel
  5. Your Domain >> Manage DNS
  6. Add CNAME Records
  7. Add A Records
  8. Save the Domain back in Blogspot Dashboard