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Add Meta Tags to Individual Blogger posts – & Boost your SEO by 200%

Are you struggling with your rank in search engines? Today I’m gonna share with you an amazing secret which can help you boost your SEO by 200%. This is another post for Blogspot users. Here’s how you can add meta tags to individual blogger posts and boost your SEO.

Meta tags play an important role in the SEO ranking of your website.  Search engines like Google rank your site based on the quality of the meta tags you are using. There are tons of other factors responsible for better SEO and meta tags is one of them.

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What are Meta tags?

Meta tags are the HTML tags placed in the header of any webpage. Search engines use these tags to rank any webpage. Meta tags are located in the head section of the webpage. It is as shown below:

<head> Meta tags goes HERE </head>

Some important parts of meta tags are:

1. Search Description

In the meta description tags, you can use a short description of your blog post (or webpage). Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use this meta description to show up in their search listings.

According to Moz, an ideal search description should be in between 50 to 300 characters. It should not be too long. The structure of a meta description should be like the one below:

<meta  content=’HERE you can add Summary of your blog post. name=”description”/>

2. Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are another type of meta tags that help search engines by telling them about the topic of the page. You can add the important keywords that visitors can search before visiting your blog. The general structure of meta keywords is as shown below:

<meta content=’YOUR KEYWORDS HERE‘ name=”keywords” />

If you want to add more than one keywords, then just separate each of them by a comma(,).

An example of meta tags including meta description as well as meta keywords is shown below:

<meta content=”While starting your free blog on Blogspot, you will get a free subdomain with your blog. Generally, the structure of the subdomain is like” name=”description/>
<meta content=”free blog in blogger, how to create free blog in blogger, add domain name to blogger” name=”keywords” />

These are all the basics what you should know about meta tags. Now let us move to our main topic i.e. How to add meta tags to individual blogger posts. So let’s start.

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Add Meta Tags to Individual Blogger posts - & Boost your SEO by 200%

Step-by-step Guide to add meta tags to individual Blogger posts

There are two ways in which you can add meta tags to individual blogger posts. The first one is more effective than the second. But I recommend you to use both the strategies so that you can easily boost your SEO ranking.

Method 1: By adding meta tags to Blogspot Theme

This is the most effective way to add meta tags to individual blogger posts. All you need is to edit the HTML of your Blogspot theme and add meta tags for each blogger post in it. Before editing your theme’s HTML, be sure to backup your Blogspot theme.

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Follow the below steps to implement this technique:

Step 1: Blogger Dashboard >> Themes >> Edit HTML

First, visit your Blogger Dashboard. Point your mouse to Theme section & just click on Edit HTML. You can also see the below screenshot:

Add Meta Tags to Individual Blogger posts - & Boost your SEO by 200%

Step 2: Search for the code: <b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>

Next you need to press Ctrl + F & search for the above code (i.e. <b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>).

Add below code just after the above code:

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == “URL OF YOUR BLOG POST”‘>
<meta content=’SEARCH DESCRIPTION’ name=’description’/>
<meta content=’META KEYWORDS’ name=’keywords’/>

You can also see the below screenshot:

Add Meta Tags to Individual Blogger posts - & Boost your SEO by 200%

Be sure to make the following changes:

  • Replace URL OF YOUR BLOG POST with the link of your post.
  • Change SEARCH DESCRIPTION with the summary of your blog post ( 50 to 300 characters).
  • Replace META KEYWORDS with the keywords that you want your post to be rank for( separate keywords by comma).

After making the following changes, just press the Save Theme button. If you want to add meta tags for more than one blogger posts, then simply click on Enter key & add another code just below the above code.

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Method 2: By Enabling Search Description to Individual Blogger posts

In this method, you need to enable search description box for individual Blogger posts. Let’s see a step-by-step guide on how you can do this:

Step 1: Visit Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Search preferences

First, visit your Blogger dashboard and visit the following settings: Settings >> Search preferences and then just click on the Edit [Disabled] in the front of Description in Meta tags section.

Add Meta Tags to Individual Blogger posts - & Boost your SEO by 200%

Step 2: Click on Yes & Save

After you click on Edit, you have to select Yes from the two options. When you click on yes, a search description box appears You can add the meta description for Homepage or just leave it & Click on Save Changes.

Add Meta Tags to Individual Blogger posts - & Boost your SEO by 200%

After you save the following changes, it’s time to check whether the search description box is enabled or not. For this, you need to follow the step 3.

Step 3: Check whether Search Description is enabled or not?

Now, let us check the search description by editing any existing blogger posts. Edit any of your blogger posts, if the search description is enabled you can see it as shown in the below image.

Add Meta Tags to Individual Blogger posts - & Boost your SEO by 200%

You can easily add meta description for an individual post in blogger by this method. Please note that you cannot add meta keywords separately in the second method.

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By the above two methods, you can easily add meta tags to individual blogger posts. Since meta tags are very important for SEO. Thus adding meta tags to individual blogger post can helps you boost your SEO ranking. Now it’s time to move to the conclusion of this post.

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Meta tags play an important role in Search engine optimization. In the above post, I have discussed two ways in which you can add meta tags to individual blogger posts & boost your SEO ranking. Well, I recommend you to use both of the methods for better results.

If you know any other way by which we can add meta tags to individual blogger posts, feel free to drop your ideas in the comment section. Help your friends by sharing this post.

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  1. Wow! This is great stuff! I’ve been trying to bring more traffic to by blog and all of your information was very helpful!! Thanks!

  2. Good info. Always need tech info if you’re doing s blog

  3. Very helpful! Thanks for including screenshots of the process. It makes things easier!

  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on meta tags! Just go to show that I still need to brush up my skills on blogging and html!

  5. Wow such an interesting way to increase SEO ranking… I’m using this on my tutorial blog though..

  6. हर अलग पोस्ट के लिए अलग करना होगा तब 200-४०० पोस्ट हो जाने पर यह तो लम्बा चौरा html length हो जायेगा और इस से क्या html kb में तो नही बढेगा जिससे page स्पीड कम हो जाये

    • Yes, @Gaurav. This method is best only if you have a few key posts on which you want to get maximum traffic 🙂

  7. Harrison Harrison

    THIS IS VERY NICE. THANKS. Greeting from (

  8. Nice Post!
    I am also new blog. Can you please visit my blog and provide me tips and tricks to adsense approval.

    • Everything is fine. Just add a logo to your blog because your blog title is not visible. Thanks for your comment!

  9. This is a very great and informative post. You just solved my biggest problem. You don’t know how much this means to me. Thanks a lot. I have bookmarked this post.

  10. Thanks for the post. I’ve been searching for the post, finally found it.
    it helped my website to rank on google much better.

  11. You have written this article nicely
    Great article for newbies.

  12. Hi Harish,
    Thanks for your detailed information. But I am getting the xml parsing error. Could you please guide.

    Error parsing XML, line 9, column 2: The value of attribute “name” associated with an element type “meta” must not contain the ‘<' character.

  13. Hi Sathya,
    Thanks for your comment. You’re getting this error because you’re not using the code correctly. I suggest you to not change the characters & symbols of the above code.
    Try once again & if the issue persists, let me know by sending an email (with screenshot) to [email protected]

  14. Melissa Ann Melissa Ann

    Hi…great info! I want to know if I need to include the html tags “” in the description box on individual blog posts in the post editor. Or do I just add my description without the tag?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Melissa, Thanks for asking such a great question.
      You only have to add post description in the description box on individual post. Please do not include html tags in it. Hope it helps!

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