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About Us

Hey readers, this is About Us page of FullTechHelp. Here I’ll tell you some basic information about FullTechHelp.

About FullTechHelp:

FullTechHelp is a tech blog managed by Harish. Here he shares his learning on growing technology & various tutorials. FullTechHelp is on a mission of helping bloggers throughout the world by providing them free tutorials on Blogger, WordPress, SEO and Digital Marketing.


We are currently working on providing free tutorials on the Blogspot platform. Since we are growing continuously, soon we will provide more tutorials on WordPress, SEO & Social media marketing.

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About Harish

Hello friends, I am Harish a 20-year-old passionate blogger as well as a full-time web designer. Here at FullTechHelp, I share tutorials on Blogger, WordPress, SEO and Digital marketing. As a web designer, I help peoples by building their blog and websites.

Harish JoshiOther than FullTechHelp, I also manage Fullonstudy (an educational blog) and Kamal Upreti’s Blog (a blog on self-improvement).

At Fullonstudy I help students by providing free study material & by reviewing various courses. I also write articles on self-improvement on Kamal’s Blog.

Why I started FullTechHelp?

The two things that I love the most are helping others and learning something new each day. FullTechHelp is the result of whatever I have learned in the past 3 to 4 years.

In the last few years, I have learned a lot about Blogging & web designing. Here, I share all my learnings in the field of technology.

What do I love? (My Hobbies)

From the very beginning, I love designing websites. In the last few years, I have designed over 100 websites of my friends & clients. Other than web designing, I also love reading books, writing articles & watching self-improvement videos on YouTube.

Some of the books that I love the most are: You can Win by Shiv Khera | Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki | Zero to One by Peter Thiel | Everything about Leadership by Vivek Bindra | The 5-second Rules by Mel Robbins

Self Improvement YouTube Channels that I follow: Be Inspired | Team Fearless | TEDx Talks | Mel Robbins | GaryVee

*You can suggest me more books and YouTube channels in the comment section.


I love designing blogs and websites. If you want me to design a paid website for you, then you can fill the below form:

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Ta Da!

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